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City Council Of Alexandria Ponders Over Extending Dockless Mobility Pilot Program

The residents of Alexandria have different opinions over scooters. Some people love the dockless mobility program while others hate it according to a recent survey. That’s the backdrop for members of the Alexandria City Council, who are now considering extending the pilot into next year. A public hearing on the issue is scheduled for Dec. 14. According to the Alexandria Connection, "At issue are thorny questions about sidewalks and equity, vexing policy issues that confront a city grafting 21st-century technology onto 18th-century streets. Perhaps the trickiest question is whether scooters should be allowed on sidewalks. If scooters follow the same rules as bicycles, they would be allowed on almost every sidewalk in the city. But council members are considering a plan to forbid them on sidewalks in parts of Old Town and along Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray. The no-go zone in Old Town would be from the waterfront to West Street and from Montgomery Street to Wilkes Street." City Manager Mark Jinks said, "For enforcement purposes, it needed to be something that is clear and crisp. Something that could be easily remembered." As per Alexandria Connection, "But requiring hundreds of scooters in areas where there is virtually no current demand is likely to create another problem: unused scooters sitting idle in neighborhoods where nobody is using them. Anticipating neighborhood complaints about pristine rows of untouched scooters clogging the public right of way, council members are trying to navigate the need for equity with the demands of the marketplace."

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