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Hidden Elements About Port Royal Condominium

Photo of 801 N Pitt St N #423 Port Royal Condominium in the City of Alexandria is in Alexandria. This dwelling at 801 N Pitt St N #423, Alexandria is a perfect example of what we like about Port Royal Condominium. The average living area in Port Royal Condominium is 486 while 801 N Pitt St N #423 has 386 sqft of living space.

Also For Sale At Port Royal Condominium

How old are homes on the market in this zip code?

Recently built (2018 - 2021)17 Active
Newer (2012 - 2017)3 Active
21st Century (2003 - 2011)15 Active
Millennial (1998 - 2002)7 Active
Late 20th Century (1983 - 1999)15 Active
Mid 20th Century (1938 - 1982)43 Active
Early 20th Century (1900 - 1937)2 Active
19th Century (1800 - 1899)10 Active
18th Century (1799 or before)1 Active
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