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Yellow Door Concert Series Started By Alexandria Musicians

Alexandria musicians Robyn and Vaughn Ambrose, founders of the Yellow Door Concert Series, are determined to bring the local community together through live music. The Ambrose’s founded the Yellow Door Concert Series in 2018 after noticing a lack of opportunity for community members to experience the arts and music in Alexandria. They named the series after the yellow doors they have at their home.
Community members sit and watch one of the concerts held outdoors
According to, "At first the Ambrose’s started the concerts on an invitation basis only, as they lacked the space in their home to open it up to everyone. Now, because of the rising interest from community members, the concerts are hosted at the Alexandria Free Methodist Church and are open to inviting due to the larger space.  During COVID-19 the Ambrose’s hosted a few concerts outside that required masks and social distancing. Although, as the pandemic comes to an end, the couple hopes to continue to open up their concerts in accordance with CDC guidelines. " As per, "During the concerts, the Ambrose’s say they hope to connect the audience with the artists and facilitate a space where community members have the opportunity to get to know the “intimacy of the work that goes into the creation of live music.”  While the concerts are predominantly jazz, they have hosted a tango and classical-based recital in the past. When organizing the concerts, Ambrose places emphasis on telling the story and presenting the history behind each performance, piece, or composer."

Properties in Abingdon Row

1023 N Royal St N #402 Alexandria VA

1023 N Royal St N #402 - 2 beds, 2 full baths  SOLD!

Home size: 1,038 sq.ft.

Subdivision: Abingdon Row

Added: 02/09/24

Property Type: Condo for Sale

Price: $703,000

Last Updated: 05/11/2024

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